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The continuation for students who took the Samba Beginner 1 course in the Fall. The beginner's samba-2 class is designed for people with little dance experience and focuses specifically on integrating the fundamental samba principles already covered. This class provides a welcoming environment where participants can learn and practice basic samba steps, body movements, and rhythms. The instructor breaks down the movements step by step, allowing everyone to grasp the basic techniques. With a focus on building a strong foundation, the class aims to develop coordination, rhythm and self-confidence in samba dancing. It is a step forward for those who discover dance or samba, in an atmosphere of pleasure and support.

Samba Beginner 2 (11 lessons)

Excluding GST/HST
  • 1. Recovering from missed classes: Procedure :

    Students may attend another class during the same session to make up a missed session.

    You must contact the instructor to obtain their agreement and find out their availability.

    2. Refund Policy:


    Refunds are only considered in the event of documented medical conditions preventing prolonged attendance in class.

    Procedure :

    Submit reimbursement requests with medical documentation to

    Amount :

    Refunds, if approved, are calculated based on remaining courses, excluding make-up courses, plus a $15 administrative fee.

    3. General Policies:

    Communication :

    Students must notify instructors in advance of their absences and coordinate make-up classes.

    Fair use:

    Remedial courses are not intended for regular use. Any abuse may result in a review of the policy.

    Discharge of responibility :

    Participants, teachers and venues are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur during classes.

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