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About Levanta Samba

Levanta Samba is a samba dance school based in Montreal. Our goal is to share the spirit of samba and Brazilian culture with all people, regardless of their level of experience. We offer fun and dynamic samba dance lessons for individuals and groups of all ages. Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where our students can learn to dance and have fun.

Raquel Bastazin from Levanta Samba during a samba class

What does Levanta mean?


lifting - Raise. Affirmative conjugation of the imperative of risinglevantá - Raise.


What we have done since 2007

Participation in the Brazilian Art Scene:


  • Zeca Pagodinho - Montreal 2023

  • Fervo Colletivo -  Montreal East 2022

  • Diogo Ramos & Flavia Nascimento -  Quebec 2022

  • Diogo Ramos - Laval 2022

  • Diogo Ramos - St-Gabriel 2021

  • Los Angeles Samba Congress 2019

  • Toronto Samba Congress Competition 2018 -Win 1st place

Participation in the music video:

  • Diogo Ramos: Sua Mao direita - 2022   link

  • Diogo Ramos: Nina - 2022   link

  • Martinalia - Montreal 2008



  • Brazil Party Station - Montreal 2022

  • Terreiro do Samba - Montreal 2021/2022

  • I love Quebrada - Le Gésù, Montreal 2019

  • Deixem-me Dancar - Rialto, Montreal 2018




  • Would you dance with me

  • Radio-Canada interview

  • Interview  I love Quebrada

Workshops and corporate events:


  • C2 Montreal -  2023

  • Virtual reality samba project for ARTV - 2018 

  • Pied de Courant - Montreal - 2018

  • Montreal Pride - 2019/2022

  • Nuestroamericana Friendship Parade - 2018/2023

  • Sambakana Panel - 2018

  • University of Ottawa Workshop - Ottawa 2008

  • UQAM workshop - 2009

  • Westmount High School - 2017- Dance Al Amor   link

Are you looking for a collaboration or do you want to organize a performance?

A vibrant soul hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, now calling Montreal home. As the visionary founder of Levanta Poeira since 2007, she has sculpted an inspiring dance journey. Raquel's artistic prowess shines through as she directed two remarkable shows, and her 16 years of teaching experience stand as a testament to her dedication.

Her influence extends gracefully beyond borders – she shares her insights as an instructor at the Los Angeles Samba Congress and proudly received the "Best Choreography" recognition at the Toronto Samba Congress in 2018. Raquel's dedication has also led her to take on the role of artistic director and choreographer for Zeca Pagodinho's enchanting opening concert

With a fervent belief in women's empowerment and the transformative power of dance, Raquel is a true advocate for self-expression. Her heart beats in rhythm with Brazil's culture, people, and dances, an eternal love affair. In addition to her dance expertise, Raquel is a skilled Pilates and Essentrics instructor, embodying wellness and balance.

Professional colleagues and friends often describe her as a force of nature, an igniter of cultural connection, and a dedicated advocate for the freedom and power that dance bestows.


Oi !

My name is Raquel Bastazin

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