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Embrace spontaneity with our versatile drop-in options for both multi-level Samba and Funk classes. Whether you're looking to experiment or simply indulge yourself occasionally due to a busy schedule, our doors are open for you to join and enjoy without committing to a full session.

Drop-in - 1 class

Excluding GST/HST
  • 1. Recovering from missed classes: Procedure :

    Students may attend another class during the same session to make up a missed session.

    You must contact the instructor to obtain their agreement and find out their availability.

    2. Refund Policy:


    Refunds are only considered in the event of documented medical conditions preventing prolonged attendance in class.

    Procedure :

    Submit reimbursement requests with medical documentation to

    Amount :

    Refunds, if approved, are calculated based on remaining courses, excluding make-up courses, plus a $15 administrative fee.

    3. General Policies:

    Communication :

    Students must notify instructors in advance of their absences and coordinate make-up classes.

    Fair use:

    Remedial courses are not intended for regular use. Any abuse may result in a review of the policy.

    Discharge of responibility :

    Participants, teachers and venues are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur during classes.

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