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1 janv. 2024 - 7 janv. 2024

Morning Routine Challenge

  • 7jours
  • 7étapes
Les participants ayant complété toutes les étapes recevront un badge à la fin du programme.
morning routine

À propos

🌟 Ignite Your New Year with "Move Better, Feel Better" 7-Day Challenge! 🌟 Get ready to kick off 2024 with a burst of energy and positivity! Our acclaimed program is back, featuring a 7-Day Workout Challenge starting January 1st. ⏰ New Year, New Routine: Start your resolutions on the first day of 2024! This challenge is all about committing to small, achievable steps. If you can do 7 days, you can do more and more. Let's build momentum together! 🏋️‍♀️ What to Expect: Simple 5-minute exercises targeting various muscles. Live sessions every day, gradually adjusting to a morning routine. Starting at 10 am on January 1st and decreasing to 30 minutes every day. Detailed exercise explanations for proper execution. 🌈 How to Join: Mark Your Calendar: January 1st to 7th for your fitness challenge. Follow Us: Join live workouts on Instagram @levanta.samba.raquel. Share Your Journey: Use #MoveBetterFeelBetter2024 to connect, share progress, and inspire. 🎁 Prizes Await! Active participants who post all 7 days of participation will get exclusive DISCOUNT COUPONS for program registration. It's not just about transforming physically; it's about the accomplishment and positive vibes for the new year. 🤝 Spread the Word: Invite friends, family, and colleagues to join this transformative journey. Let's create a supportive community as we Move Better and Feel Better in 2024! 💪✨ Ready for the Challenge? Join us for quick and effective workouts, leaving you rejuvenated, stronger, and ready to conquer 2024! See you on January 1st! #MoveBetterFeelBetter2024 🌟

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